A mortgage loan is it worth? | Provided it is a good offer

A mortgage loan is it worth? Is it worth buying a flat or other real estate on a loan? The vast majority of people buy a flat for a loan because there is no way to save money at the right amount. That is why it is so important to find a cheap loan.

When searching for a mortgage, we can take advantage of several options to find a loan to buy a flat or a house. One way is to collect credit offers from individual banks and then analyze them. It is a time-consuming task, but it allows you to choose the right bank.

On the other hand, you should have the right knowledge to know what to look for in particular. On a margin or interest rate? Choose decreasing or equal installments? And what maximum amount of credit can we count on? Without creditworthiness analysis, we will not find an answer to this question.

If you do not know which mortgage to choose, then check the list of banks to which you can apply for a loan. Additionally, you can contact specialists who will help you find a loan.


Is a mortgage worth it or not?

Is a mortgage worth it or not?

A mortgage can be taken even for 30 years, and the amount of the mortgage itself depends on the creditworthiness and … own contribution. If we do not have credit worthiness, then there is no chance of getting a mortgage. If we have the creditworthiness, but it is insufficient to buy the flat or house that we have chosen, then we must look for another apartment or house. Alternatively, if possible, increase your creditworthiness. In addition, an own contribution of 20% of the value of the purchased real estate is required (2019). If you do not have enough own contribution, then you should look for a bank where you will need 10% own contribution, and you can insure the missing part.


Mortgage offers

You can also search for loan offers with a mortgage comparison website . Enter the amount of the mortgage, for example, for a home renovation of PLN 50,000, PLN 60,000, and PLN 70,000 for 10 years. Mortgage loan for the purchase of a flat of PLN 100 thousand, PLN 150 thousand, PLN 200 thousand, and even purchase of houses in the amount of PLN 500 thousand. You estimate the loan installments and check whether any of the banks have an interesting loan offer. If so, you can send a contact form to the selected bank.

Answering the question: ” mortgage or is it worth it? “, The answer can only be one: it is not worth it. As with any loan, we have to give away more than we borrowed. On the other hand, if we want to buy a flat or a house, and we do not have enough capital, then there is no other option but to take a loan from the bank.