Best Free 8085 CPU Simulators for Windows 10

If you are an electronics student you are probably just learning 8085 Microprocessors. To learn these microprocessors, you must know how to write and simulate your code. For that you need simulators which is why we brought you some of the best 8085 microprocessor simulators for Windows 10.

Best 8085 microprocessor simulators

Here are some of the best free 8085 CPU simulators for Windows 10:

  1. 8085 Simulator
  2. SIM8085
  3. Win85
  4. GNUSim8085

Let’s take a closer look.

1]8085 Simulator

Besides having the most obvious name, the 8085 simulator developed by Vikas Enterprises has a simple and intuitive user interface, which makes it a perfect choice for beginners.

One of its selling points is ISR Where Interrupt service routine, therefore, it can communicate with the CPU and send requests for a task. Due to ISR, when you press any key on your keyboard, the request for your action will be sent to the CPU, and then it will be transferred to the respective program to perform the action. This feature is mostly found on paid apps, but you get this feature in the 8085 simulator without spending a dime.

Apart from that, it has all the basic features that a microprocessor simulator should have, such as the ability to display RAM memory, IO memory, status indicator, etc.

You can download the 8085 simulator from here.


Best Free 8085 Microprocessor Simulator for Windows 10

SIM8085 is the best 8085 simulator for students. It is a graphical simulator that does not require a download and is accessible from its official website.

The best part of SIM8085 is its user interface. You will get a clean slate on which to write your code and Memory View to see the result after execution. So you can write your code, click on the Assemble and load the program to check the code, run it, then see your result without changing tabs or changing windows, unlike most simulators on the market.

They optimized the tool to run effortlessly without compromising important things like the view of RAM memory, IO memory, status indicator, etc. They also have a built-in hex to decimal converter. Hence, we can confidently say that you won’t miss a thing if you go for this online simulator.

You can access SIM8085 from here.


Then we have a very basic simulator. You can attach the quote “German to all trades but master of nothing” here, as it supports almost all types of Intel 8085 microprocessors but has some trade-offs.

The good things end here. It doesn’t have the most attractive layout as the UI hasn’t been updated in ages and you won’t be able to find any bells and whistles here. But if you want a universal simulator for 8085 microprocessors, download Win85 from here.


Free 8085 microprocessor simulators

GNUSim8085 is an alternative to SIM8085 for heavy users. It contains all the features of the SIM8085, but makes it much faster and adds some of its own.

So you get Code Slate, Hexadecimal to decimal converter (Vice versa), Keyboard, Register now, Flag, and much more. We can clearly see that the emphasis here is on efficiency. This can be proven by the fact that this is one of the fastest simulators on our list. You won’t notice its pace if you run light programs, but once you start running heavy programs most other simulators will lag and take hours, but not GNUSim8085.

The only downside here is that the app has too many features, so if a newbie wants to start their journey from this app, it will be a bit difficult for them. However, once you know the basics of coding and simulation, which you can get from other apps on our list, this is the way to go.

Therefore, if you are looking for a perfect simulator, GNUSim8085 is for you. So, download the software from here.

Hope this helped to find the best 8085 microprocessor simulator.

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Free 8085 microprocessor simulators

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