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The dynamic random access memory (DRAM) market is expected to witness a substantial recovery with a CAGR of 7% during the forecast period of 2022 to 2030

Product Description

A dynamic random access memory DRAM is a technology that stores each bit of information or data in a memory cell, usually a small capacitor and a transistor, both based on metal oxide semiconductor technology. Most DRAM memory cell designs require one capacitor and one transistor, while some use only two transistors and no capacitors. In single capacitor designs, the capacitor can be charged or discharged. The electrical charge on the capacitor gradually discharges and without intervention stored data may also be lost. To avoid this, DRAM requires an external memory refresh circuit that occasionally writes data back into the capacitors, restoring it to its original charge. This re-recording process is the distinguishing feature of DRAM. Unlike flash memory, DRAM is volatile memory. Since DRAM is volatile, the memory is temporary until the power is removed, so DRAM has limited data restoring capability.

Description of the market

Dynamic Random Access Memory DRAM is a type of semiconductor memory, usually encoded data program or program code commonly used in computer processors for operation. DRAM is referred to as random access memory built into PCs, workstations and servers, as part of the processor to access random memory. DRAM memory allows faster access to data than other storage devices such as hard drives and solid-state drives.

Rising adoption of microcontrollers and memory ICs in automotive electronics and increasing application of memory storage chips in some electronic devices is one of the significant factors driving the market. Also, growing demands for consumer electronics with relatively low cost and high performance are propelling the market. Moreover, with DRAM now being used in wearable devices such as smart watches, it is expected to be lucrative for the market in the near future.

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Market overview

According to experts, the dynamic random access memory (DRAM) market is expected to witness significant growth by 2030. The dynamic random access memory (DRAM) market is valued at USD 66.8 billion in 2022; however, it is expected to show notable progress of $100 billion by 2030.

With the invasion of the Covid-19 pandemic, which had devastating effects on the global economy, it also had effects on the DRAM market. Due to the authoritarian lockdowns that led to supply chain and production disruptions, the cost of the product was affected, reducing demand by 15-20% in the Indian market. This was reported by Cellular & Electronics Association (ICEA). Moreover, with the invasion of the 2nd and 3rd waves of the pandemic in March and April, the production value had declined to INR 2,500-3,500 crore and 2,000-2,500 crore respectively, contributing to further declines in price.

The DRAM market experiences significant ups and downs in terms of revenue. With applications shifting from personal computers to mobile devices and servers, or from automotive to cloud applications, diversification is influencing the market.

For example, server memory has experienced an increase in requests. The increased capacity of existing centers coupled with multiple global builds has led to significant growth.

The adoption of DRAM in automotive is driving significant growth in the DRAM market. Driver Awareness Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Vehicle Systems are increasingly in demand with DRAM memory capacity and bandwidth.

Market segmentation

The dynamic random access memory (DRAM) market is segmented into architecture, application


Based on architecture, the market is further segmented into

  • DDR3
  • DDR4
  • DDR5
  • DDR2/Others


Based on application, the market is further segmented into

  • Smartphones/Tablets
  • Laptop
  • Data center
  • Chart
  • consumer products
  • Automotive
  • Other Apps

The automotive segment is expected to witness notable growth over the forecasted period owing to the growing integration of AI in automation technology.

Regional analysis

Based on the regional analysis, the market covers regions such as America, Europe, Korea, China, Taiwan, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World. Asia-Pacific has been marked as the dominant region and is expected to remain the same during the forecast period.

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Main market players

The main players in any market include investors and intermediaries. Businesses analyze the process that identifies direct competitors to accomplish their mission and vision. Many leading companies undertake acquisitions and development activities to compete. The market is highly competitive and has seen increasing competition among vendors. Some of the major players are Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, Winbond, Micron Technology Inc., Nanya Technology Corp., Kingston Technology, Intel, Elpida Memory Inc., Etron Technology Inc., Advanced Micro Device (AMD) and Texas Instruments (TI) . Many market players are striving for a leading position in the market to reduce unit costs. For example, Samsung Electronics launched mass production of dynamic RAM in 2014, with 20nm process technology. In addition, SK Hynix announced a guideline to accompany its first quarter revenue and shared strategies on product sales progress of 1ynm mobile DRAM, LPDDR5 DRAM and 64GB server DRAM.

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