Nvidia confirms its intention to buy the Arm microprocessor designer

Despite these lingering questions about the makeup of the tech industry as things stand, the main focus of Nvidia’s announcement is not on legacy computing hardware, but on building the future, with a focus particular on AI:

“The combination combines NVIDIA’s leading AI computing platform with Arm’s vast ecosystem to create the first computing company of the AI ​​era, accelerating innovation while expanding into large markets at high increase.”

“NVIDIA will invest in a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence supercomputer, developer training facilities and a startup incubator, which will attract world-class research talent and create a platform for innovation and industrial partnerships in areas such as health, robotics and self-driving cars.

AI supercomputer? Didn’t I see an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie about it once? Regardless of concerns about the growth of AI, whether they stem from rational, well-researched arguments, or the paranoid delusions of someone who’s seen too many sci-fi movies, there’s certainly a business case to invest in this area, and that is undoubtedly what Nvidia is betting here. I have to get that $40 billion back one way or another.

Nvidia is certainly on a recent streak, having wowed the world with the announcement of its latest generation of desktop GPUs, the GeForce 30 series, headlined by the flagship RTX 3090, as well as the mid-range RTX 3080 and the Entry level RTX. 3070. They have also updated their impressive DLSS technology to offer AI-based upscaling at resolutions up to 8k.

There’s no doubt that Nvidia has been looking for smart ways to use its huge profits of the past few years to expand its growth opportunities, but it’s a huge gamble, and it’ll be years before we can see the full ramifications. of this decision.

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