Tech Trend Launcher 2020: Pat Kinsel

Pat Kinsel, Founder and CEO, Notarize

Pat Kinsel knew in 2015 what the whole world now knows in 2020 – that there has to be a simple and easy digital way to legalize documents online from the comfort and security of someone’s home with just a few simple steps. and short. Kinsel has led Notarize through an incredible growth trajectory of 600% growth in 2020 alone, and he has been at the forefront of increasing security around real estate closures through his work in a multitude industries. Under Kinsel’s leadership, Notarize completed the country’s first online legal notarization, online real estate closing, online mortgage, online will, and online automobile sale. Kinsel led Notarize to become the first platform endorsed by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and countless underwriters and national banks. Kinsel and Notarize have chaired the Mortgage Bankers Association, American Land Title Association and others’ standards groups. He was at the forefront of creating significant policy changes for remote online notarization legislation, even leading state-to-state in the early years to meet with individual lawmakers and lobby for the bill. Over time, Kinsel has resulted in the passage of RON laws by 29 states, and more are on the way, including a revolutionary bill at the federal level. With the federal bill, led largely by the Kinsel team, Notarize hopes to enable a 50-state solution for RON transactions that would create online notary legislation across the United States.

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