The Ground Zero Dragon Boat Festival goes virtual for 2020 | Visit

When the Dragon Boat Festival started, there were around 20 teams, and that number has almost tripled over the years, said its founder, Scott Payseur.

On August 22, from noon to 2 p.m., a live broadcast on Ground Zero TV on The CW will celebrate all that has been accomplished through fundraising and introduce viewers to the ministry.

“The two hour live special will showcase our building and introduce some of our teens,” Culclasure said, adding that it will also be an opportunity to greet the sponsors and interview some of the people involved in the Dragon Boat Festival.

Some of the more popular Ground Zero ministries are GZi and iGrow, both of which benefit from the funds raised.

GZi is a weekly interactive experience where teens build relationships while hanging out and playing games with their friends, enjoy a free Top Nosh dinner, have coffee at Ground Zero Cafe and more.

At GZi, they also participate in group discussions about issues facing teens today and hear an inspiring message based on the scriptures.

iGrow is a weekly experience that involves participants signing a commitment to each other, to their own growth and to the group.

Ground Zero was founded in Tennessee in 1998 by Payseur and his wife Kimberly. It was launched in Myrtle Beach in 2006, establishing impactful monthly worship events that are attended by over 800 people on average.

In 2010, Ground Zero partnered with the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce and Premier Festivals to launch Beach Blast, the only Christian music festival on the Grand Strand.

The following year, the ministry rented the old Rivoli Theater to the town of Myrtle Beach for $ 1 per year for the next 20 years and launched the Summer Concert Series on the downtown boardwalk on Sunday evenings. .

In 2012, Ground Zero began renovating the site, with the help of volunteers and mission teams from across the country.

“Although the festival was canceled, donations were not,” Culclasure said, adding, “and neither was the need, as these teens and families still need positivity and hope, especially in the face of this pandemic.

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